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It’s important that children learn how to wash their hands.

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How to wash your hands

Stop the Dirty Germs – WASH YOUR HANDS.

You should wash your hands every time you go to the toilet and every time before you eat.

How to wash your hands

  1. Get both hands wet under the tap
  2. Drop one or two squirts of soap on to your hands
  3. Rub the front of your hands together
  4. Rub in between your fingers and thumb
  5. Rub the back of each hand with the front of the other
  6. Scrub your finger tips on the front of each hand
  7. Rub each thumb with your other hand
  8. Rub each wrist with your other hand
  9. Wash off all the soap
  10. Dry your hands with a paper towel

Download a “How to wash your hands poster” poster – 932kb PDF