Teal mobile hand wash units – why Legionella is not a concern

There are a number of design features of Teal mobile hand wash units that, unlike conventional ‘plumbed-in’ taps and systems, lay to rest the concerns over infections such as Legionella, that can result from washing systems.

The Hospital Infection Research Laboratory has tested various Teal units extensively and has recommended a simple disinfection routine that should be carried out every other day. This ensures that the water system is completely free of any build- up of micro-organisms and is thoroughly disinfected.

Water can be stored in the unit:

“It is therefore imperative that a cleaning procedure/cycle is put in place by the customer to ensure there is no breeding ground for Legionella to exist.”

Unlike conventional washing systems that are subject to mains water pressure, the low pressure spray head of the Teal units do not form fine droplets of water that can be breathed in.

Maintenance routine

It is recommended that the Teal units should be drained and replenished with fresh water daily. The units should be disinfected weekly using a hypochlorite solution such as Milton Sterilising Fluid at a concentration of 500ppm for 5 minutes and then flushed through with fresh water.

The tap nozzle can be removed for cleaning if required.

External surfaces should be wiped over with a soft non-abrasive cloth using a Milton solution.

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