Hand washing importance taught in brilliant lesson involving bread and plastic bags

Hand washing importance taught in brilliant lesson involving bread and plastic bags

This is one to try in your own school or nursery!

A science experiment for children in America demonstrated how effective – and important – hand washing is.

The story has once again been picked up by the World Nation News website which showed how a seemingly innocent collection of items including soap and water, disinfectant and rice slices of bread and a corresponding number of plastic bags created an educational experience that will never be forgotten by those who took part.

The class teacher concerned was Dayna Robertson from the Discovery Elementary School in Idaho Falls posted the results of her life enhancing lesson on social media.

How the experiment was conducted

Robertson and colleague Jaralee Metcalf, a behavioural specialist, carried out a “classic classroom activity”, as described in a report on the Science Alert website.

In short, wrote author Peter Dockrill, it all centred around five slices of bread, taken from the same loaf at the same time.

Each slice was touched by hands then placed inside a sealed plastic bag as follows:-

  1. Interestingly, as a last minute whim, they rubbed a slice over the keyboard of the classroom computer.
  2. Slice number two was untouched by any hands
  3. Number three was handled by kids that hadn’t washed their hands
  4. Number four was help by hands washed with soap and water
  5. Slice number five was touched by children that had cleaned with hand sanitiser.

The results of the experiment were both predicable – and very graphic.

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A youngster washing hands with a KiddiWash Xtra unit

A youngster washing hands with a KiddiWash Xtra unit

  • The untouched slice (2), viewed a while later, showed no discolouration, along with the soap and water washed hands handled bread (4).
  • The slice handled by children who had cleaned with sanitiser (5) didn’t fare as well, showing some growth of mould.
  • And finally, the slice handed by unwashed hands (3) and (ugh!) the slice that had come into contact with the computer keyboard were… horrendous!

The article revealed the profound effect that the experiment had had on the youngsters. Dayna Robertson was quoted as saying

“They have really turned their hand-washing around. They realised that sanitiser doesn’t cut it, and they’ve got to do soap and water.”

Try this experiment in your own preschool class – and get in touch to show us your results.

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