LEAF Open Farm Sunday: visitors must wash their hands with soap and water

LEAF Open Farm Sunday: visitors must wash their hands with soap and water

Hand gels do not work nearly as well as hand washing during farm visits

Described as “Farming’s annual open day”, this year’s LEAF Open Farm Sunday takes place on Sunday 11th June. As ever with farm visits, effective hand hygiene will be the highest priority for visitors and hosts alike.

According to its website, the event is “farm­ing’s annu­al open day giv­ing vis­i­tors the oppor­tu­ni­ty to learn more about farm­ing and the coun­try­side, and farm­ers the chance to talk about what they’re so proud of: British food and farming!”

British farms can participate by registering, ordering resources and collaborating with helpers and other organisations.

Potential visitors can find a suitable local event hosting farm, and find out about British farming, the countryside and get involved with educational science and technology based activities.

Why soap and water hand washing is vital

The LEAF Open Farm Sunday website reminds participants of Impor­tant things to remem­ber for your visit.

There you will find out about whether you need to register in advance, appropriate clothing, available catering and so on.

Hand washing is deemed essential to help ensure safety for everyone on the day. As the website states, it is very important to keep hands clean and to wash with soap and water at the end of the visit – and crucially, before eating. And do not rely on the seemingly convenient alcohol hand gels option on the grounds that they are not nearly as effective as the more traditional method.

“Please do not rely on sani­tis­ing hand gels or wipes to pro­tect your­self or your chil­dren against germs that may be present in ani­mal dirt around the farm. Hand gels can­not remove con­t­a­m­i­na­tion in the man­ner that soap and water can.”

“To reduce the risk of ill­ness, both adults and chil­dren should thor­ough­ly wash their hands using soap and water after they have han­dled ani­mals or touched sur­faces at the farm and always before eat­ing or drinking.”

Enjoy your farm visit – and have a wonderful time!

Children learning to wash their hands with a KiddiSynk

Children learning to wash their hands with a KiddiSynk

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