Did you know…?

Not all the Kiddiwash Kids are good at washing their hands.

Can you see who does it best?

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The Kiddiwash Kids

The Kiddiwash Kids all try hard to remember to wash their hands, but some of them are better at it than others.

Miss Pearl is their nursery teacher. She is very kind and helps the children to wash their hands.

Raani is a very happy girl. She is also very good at washing, remembering to use soap and warm water every time. Sometimes she forgets to dry her hands on a paper towel and uses her skirt instead!

Sachin gets his hands very muddy when playing in the garden, so he need to wash his hands whenever he comes back inside. He gets his hands dirty more than anyone else! He always remembers to dry his hands on a paper towel.

Lucy can sometimes be naughty! She sometimes doesn’t wash her hands before eating. Miss Pearl says that eating with dirty hands can make you very ill. She does wash her hands when she’s been to the toilet, which is very important.

Sang is a very good boy. He always uses soap and warm water, and dries his hands carefully on a clean paper towel. He gets more “Well done” stickers than anyone else in the class, because he always washes when he’s been to the toilet and before eating.

Spud is a dirty germ. He lives on dirty hands with many of his friends. They are not at all nice, because their favourite thing is to make children ill! The only way to get rid of dirty germs is by washing your hands with warm water and soap and drying them with a clean paper towel.