Health watchdog – toddlers must be taught to wash hands

Health watchdog – toddlers must be taught to wash hands

Hand washing a vital skill for infection reduction

Good hand washing techniques must be taught to young children – that’s the advice from The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice) according to recent articles on both the Guardian and Evening Standard websites. 

The Guardian article, for example reports that “…children at nurseries and schools should be taught good hygiene, particularly after going to the toilet, before eating and after being in close contact with people with colds or other infections”.

NICE are advising that effective hand washing is essential in the effort to cut the risk of infection and reduce the resulting dependence on antibiotics.

The Evening Standard advises that “Toddlers should be taught how to wash their hands properly to cut the risk of infection, a health watchdog has warned.”

“In nurseries and schools, young children should be told how to wash and dry hands, the guidance says.”

Good drying techniques are also an important lesson to be learned says the NICE Guidance.

Reduction of antibiotic use

Hand washing well is now more important than ever, with health officials now having a stated goal of a 4% reduction in the amount of antibiotics prescribed by GPs over the next 5 years.

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Make hand washing fun for children!

Make use of the FREE EYFS early years worksheets for preschool and nursery children that can be downloaded from this website in the free downloads section.

Mobile sinks for younger children

Hand washing is the most important lesson a child can learn and acquiring it is an essential lifelong skill.

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