Teach hand washing to reduce incidents of shigellosis advises NHS

Teach hand washing to reduce incidents of shigellosis advises NHS

Illness is “spread through poor hygiene”

The vomiting bug shigellosis is spreading through schools across the UK, and parents are being made aware of the importance of effective hand hygiene, according to a recent report on The Sun website.

The article, by Jasmin Jeffery advises that

“Shigellosis causes chronic diarrhoea and sickness, so parents should know how to spot the signs.”

The virus is spread in many cases as a result of people failing to wash their hands properly. The article emphasises the importance of effective hand washing – and the importance of teaching relevant techniques to all children.

“Be sure to wash your hands, and instruct kids to wash theirs as frequently as they can with soap and water.”

Spreading across England

The Coventry Telegraph recently warned that “Last week 90 people – mainly school pupils and their family members – in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, were displaying symptoms” and indicated that there had been “unconfirmed” reports of cases from Cornwall to the north west.

This article, by James Rodger, also emphasis the crucial role that should be played by hand washing at appropriate times.

“The NHS says it is spread through poor hygiene, for example not washing your hands thoroughly after using the toilet.”

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Teach hand washing – help keep shigellosis at bay!

Hand washing is the most important lesson a child can learn at a preschool or EYFS facility – and acquiring it is an essential lifelong skill.

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