Hand washing importance emphasised as norovirus strikes young children

Hand washing importance emphasised as norovirus strikes young children

Nearly 60 children and staff off sick at school near Glasgow

Norovirus, also known as “the winter vomiting bug” has recently struck at Old Monkland Primary and Nursery School in Coatbridge, according to a recent report on the Glasgow Evening Times website.

The article, by Stacey Mullen stated that a number of members of staff were affected along with 55 primary school children and 4 preschool pupils.

A spokesperson for North Lanarkshire Council is quoted as saying that “In line with general guidance, the school has asked parents to keep affected pupils off school for 48 hours after they are free of symptoms, to avoid further spread of any infection.”

Teaching washing with soap and water

Manty Stanley, MD of TEAL Patents, who make portable hand wash units for younger children, responded to this latest serious outbreak, by saying

“Teaching young children how to wash their hands properly with soap and water is perhaps the most important lesson that they can be taught at nursery and junior  schools. It’s a lesson that will help to protect them for a lifetime.”

Castleford GP Nicola Williams recently advised that it’s not always possible to avoid contracting norovirus, “but the most important thing in prevention is washing your hands well with soap and water.”

“Don’t rely on hand gels because they don’t kill the virus. Washing your hands properly should take about 20 seconds, as long as singing Happy Birthday twice. If someone in your family has the virus, be extra careful with washing hands.”

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