Why specialist NHS nurses are teaching handwashing to children

Why specialist NHS nurses are teaching handwashing to children

Effective hand washing is a vital lifetime skill

A focus on helping to prevent the spread of illnesses this coming winter has been provided by a number of specialist NHS nurses, who are teaching children the importance of effective hand washing techniques across Northumberland in the UK, according to a recent report on the Berwick Advertiser website.

The initiative was carried out as part of International Infection Prevention Week 2018, which this year ran from October 14th to the 20th.

Nearly 1,500 children have so far been taught the correct way to wash their hands – and warned of the consequences of not doing so, says the article.

The community infection prevention and control nurse at the Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust, which has been carrying the hand washing message to schools across the region, is Heather Lawson. She is quoted as saying that the sessions have proved to be so popular and relevant that some schools have now introduced hand washing monitors to oversee younger children’s hand washing efforts.

“It is everyone’s responsibility to play a part in helping to reduce the spread of viruses and washing your hands thoroughly and regularly is the single most effective thing you can do.”

It is also hoped that the children will take their knowledge home with them in order to pass on the techniques learned to their families, she said.

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About International Infection Prevention Week

The IIPW website states that “Each of us—patients, families, and healthcare personnel—has an important role to play in keeping patients safe from infection. First and foremost, know the basics of infection prevention. Do your part—and hand hygiene is key! Whether you’re in a healthcare facility or in the community, there are things healthcare professionals, patients, and family members can do to stay safe from infections.

How to wash your hands

Here’s TEAL’s fun video, showing you how to undertake a really effective hand wash. Teach it to the kids!


Free downloadable handwashing themed resources for preschool and nursery children

Here’s the link to the PDF documents that will help to educate and entertain the children in your care: they all have a hand washing theme. They are free to use and distribute for everyone. Have fun!

Teach hand washing to children – it’s the most important lesson they can ever learn!

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