“Dirt is good for kids” as long as they can wash their hands properly…

“Dirt is good for kids” as long as they can wash their hands properly…

Parents can enable inadvertent triggering of allergies and asthma says report

Playing in the dirt can actually be a good thing for a child’s immune system – as long as they are taught to wash properly afterwards, according to a recent report on the CT Post website.

The article quotes from the University of Chicago scientist Jack Gilbert who wrote that modern emphasis on excessive hygiene and cleaning can cause immune systems to become hypersensitised.

He explained that “soldier cells in your body called neutrophils” do not thrive on inactivity and eventually become, as he puts it, “grumpy and pro-inflammatory”. Then when they do come into contact with something from outside the body – such as pollen – they become “explosively inflammatory”.

This is what triggers some food allergies as well as asthma and eczema concluded Gilbert.

Put aside the antibacs and use soap and water

The article quotes the American Academy of Pediatrics as warning that antibacterial products may “kill off normal bacteria and increase the chances that resistant bacteria may grow”.

They do however, emphasise the importance of effective hand washing techniques being taught to small children.

“Hand-washing may be the single most important act you and your child have for disease prevention…”

“The best solution is to wash your child’s hands with warm water and ordinary soap that does not contain antibacterial substances.”

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