School has increased focus on handwashing teaching after norovirus closure

School has increased focus on handwashing teaching after norovirus closure

Hand hygiene “in addition to the usual curriculum”

A Teesside School was recently closed for a deep clean, after a pupils suffered from “norovirus type symptoms”. It has now reopened and is making the teaching of handwashing a high priority, according to a recent report on the Teesside Live website.

A total of 27 nursery children were off sick with an additional 54 reception pupils being “also affected” at St Mark’s Primary School in Stockton writes Toni GuillotPublic Health England consulted with the school before its closure.

The importance of hand hygiene in school

An advice letter from Public Health England was posted on the school’s Facebook page which deals with the importance of hand washing with soap and water.

Written by Dr. Simon Howard, a Consultant in Public Health, it included

“The spread of most infectious illnesses is reduced through good hand hygiene. Please encourage your child to wash their hands frequently with warm water and soap, particularly after using the toilet, after using a tissue to catch a cough or sneeze, and before eating.”

The article report also mentions that hand washing at the School will be given an even higher priority than usual.

“We will be having a huge focus on hand washing and hygiene, in addition to the usual curriculum coverage, however, could you also discuss the importance of this with your children. Thanks for your continued support.”

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