‘Enforce’ hand-washing programmes in schools to check Strep A says UKHSA

‘Enforce’ hand-washing programmes in schools to check Strep A says UKHSA

UK Health Security Agency urges preschool staff to keep up with the hand washing

Strep A and scarlet fever outbreaks are seemingly on the rise in the UK, with a number of youngsters tragically dying from resulting “complications”. There is a great deal that preschools and nurseries can do to try and limit the spread of these unpleasant illnesses: perhaps the most important and effective of these measures is a simple and familiar one, according to a recent report on the Schools Week website

Group A streptococcus (GAS) is a “common bacteria that can cause infections such as scarlet fever and impetigo”, according to the author of the report, Amy Walker. Numbers of incidents of the former seems to be greater than would normally be expected at this time of year, she writes.

The importance of good hand hand hygiene

The report gives hand washing the highest priority when it comes to infection prevention, which states that it is “key to preventing spread.”

“Good hand hygiene should also “be enforced” for all pupils and staff, including through a programme that encourages children to wash their hands “at the start of the school day, after using the toilet, after play, before and after eating, and at the end of the school day.”

The article includes information from the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), which is provided in the form of a PDF download, Guidelines for the public health management of scarlet fever outbreaks in schools, nurseries and other childcare settings.

“Hand washing remains the most important step in preventing such infections.”

An article on the UK Government Education Hub Strep A and scarlet fever – what are they and what are the symptoms? Information for parents, schools, colleges and early years providers also acknowledges the importance of effective hand hygiene.

“By teaching children how to wash their hands properly with soap for 20 seconds, using a tissue to catch coughs and sneezes, and keeping away from others when feeling unwell, they will be able to reduce the risk of picking up or spreading infections.”

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Preschool children being taught to wash hands with a KiddiSynk

Preschool children being taught to wash hands with a KiddiSynk

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