Children need to be taught how long to wash their hands for

Children need to be taught how long to wash their hands for

Make hand washing fun – introduce a song!

Most adults do not washing their hands effectively with soap and water – so teaching children how to do it properly is so important – and it can be turned into a really fun activity. 

The deputy chief medical officer, Dr Gina Radford, recently stated that “Everyone must wash their hands for the length of time it takes to sing the first verse of the national anthem” according to a recent article on the DailyTimes website.

Reduction of antibiotic use

Hand washing well is now more important than ever, with health officials now having a stated goal of a 4% reduction in the amount of antibiotics prescribed by GPs over the next 5 years.

The article states that Dr Radford highlighted the need for a hand washing focus at an International Longevity Centre debate on the problem of antibiotic resistance, which recently took place in London.

“…Dr Radford complained that most people did not help themselves or others because they did not bother to wash their hands properly after going to the toilet or before eating.”

How long should you wash your hands for? »

Make hand washing fun for children!

Make use of the FREE EYFS early years worksheets for preschool and nursery children that can be downloaded from this website in the free downloads section.

Mobile sinks for younger children

Hand washing is the most important lesson a child can learn and acquiring it is an essential lifelong skill.

The Kiddiwash range of warm water hand wash units are perfect for smaller hands – and are ideal where a portable solution is required.

Whether you require a larger wheeled unit such as the KiddiSynk, or the ultra portable Kiddiwash Xtra, you can ensure that all children in your care are able to wash their hands inside or out.