South Africa: teaching effective handwashing techniques – with a minimum amount of water

South Africa: teaching effective handwashing techniques – with a minimum amount of water

Buffalo City Municipality launches awareness campaign for children

Effective sanitation tips for pupils at Pefferville Primary School in South Africa are teaching potentially life saving hand washing techniques according to a recent report on the Dispatch Live website.

The campaign has been provided by the department of water and sanitation, Buffalo City Municipality and Amatola Water ays the article. Representatives of BCM’s department of health demonstrated a hand-washing exercise to ensure pupils were practising good sanitation.

The importance of saving water

Phumza Batyi from the department is quoted as stressing the importance of efficient hand washing.

“Water is life. We can’t live without it and we need to take care of it.”

Pefferville Primary principal Mason MacKay, says the report, was also keen to emphasise the importance of hand hygiene.

“Because of the situation in our community where people often just litter all over the place, it is important to introduce to the children that a simple thing like washing your hands is important and can avoid serious illnesses.” 

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The photograph (above) shows pupils at Lorraine Primary School washing their hands with a water-efficient KiddiSynk.


Teach hand washing safely – whilst using water efficiently

Hand washing is the most important lesson a child can learn at any preschool – and acquiring it is an essential lifelong skill. There are occasions when water usage needs to be as frugal as possible: the TEAL Kiddiwash range  provides a highly effective hand wash, but the water jet from the tap uses a minimum of water.

The Kiddiwash range of warm water hand wash units are perfect for smaller hands – and are ideal where a portable solution is required.

Whether you require a larger wheeled unit such as the KiddiSynk, or the ultra portable Kiddiwash Xtra, you can ensure that all children in your care are able to wash their hands inside or out.

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