Find out about portable hand washing for kids at Childcare Expo

Find out about portable hand washing for kids at Childcare Expo

How to teach children “the most important lesson they’ll ever learn”

Teal Patents – the worlds leading manufacturer of portable hand washing units – will be showcasing its groundbreaking KiddiWash range at ChildCare Expo Midlands at the Ricoh Arena, in Coventry, 28-29 September 2018.

Recent outbreaks of Hepatitis A and B in Wales and Brighton are making it more important than ever for children to learn the gold standard of hand hygiene.

Schools and nurseries carry a high risk of spreading contagious infections due to cross contamination.

To minimise this risk, it is vital children are taught at a young age not only the importance of hand hygiene, but the best handwashing habits.

As part of the company’s mission to instil good handwashing habits in young children, the KiddiWash range was designed specifically for private and volunteer nurseries with small hands in mind. The KiddiWash range makes handwashing fun, educational and completely hygienic for children.

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Hand washing wherever it’s needed

Fully portable, KiddiWash units require no mains water supply so nurseries and playgroups can put them where they’re needed – in a hallway or the garden or any place where children could be better catered for eg an ‘adult’ cloakroom facility.

Children washing hands in nursery school with mobile sinkTeaching effective hand washing techniques to children with a KiddiSynk

Manty Stanley, managing director at Teal, says:

“With the recent outbreak of hepatitis in Wales, it’s more important than ever for nurseries and schools to teach good handwashing practice. Young children need to know the importance of good hand hygiene as well as the handwashing habits that will set them up for life.

“Young children need to learn how and when to wash their hands and why it’s important.  They should understand the germs they come into contact with and only handwashing under running water with soap will stop the spread of common, contagious infections at their nursery or school.  The KiddiWash units make this a whilst helping to combat infection both major and minor – which sets them up for life.


Mobile handwashing for children – whether it’s indoors or out!

Hand washing is the most important lesson a child can learn and acquiring it is an essential lifelong skill. A Kiddiwash Xtra or KiddiSynk portable hand washing sink can be positioned right next to the sand pit – helping to ensure that children dramatically reduce the risk of infection as they finish play.

The Kiddiwash range of warm water hand wash units are perfect for smaller hands – and are ideal where a portable solution is required.

Whether you require a larger wheeled unit such as the KiddiSynk, or the ultra portable Kiddiwash Xtra, you can ensure that all children in your care are able to wash their hands inside or out.