How handwashing helps preschool teachers stay healthy at this time of year

How handwashing helps preschool teachers stay healthy at this time of year

Children are the “Petri dishes of infection”

Preschool and nursery teachers are particularly resistant to illness – they are after all surrounded by it all the time, particularly during the winter months. What tactics do they use to keep healthy? Hand washing is the most important, according to a recent article from the USA – on the In Style website.

The report, by Kasandra Brabaw, describes preschool teachers as having “the strongest immune systems in the game”, but even then, they have to take a number of steps to help ensure that they stay as fit as possible during the winter months.

Hand washing with soap and water to the rescue

Childcare providers, who work at “ground zero for germs” according to In Style, who asked fourteen preschool teachers how they reduce the risk of illness.

Top of the list came hand washing.

A preschool teacher with more than 40 year’s experience said

“To help prevent myself from getting sick I constantly wash my hands and remind the children to wash theirs.”

Another, who has worked in childcare in Newark for five years, washes her hands at least twenty times a day and another reportedly often encourages her students to wash theirs.

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