Regular hand-washing stations essential for petting zoos says report

Regular hand-washing stations essential for petting zoos says report

Illnesses can be caused for human visitors – even when the animals are healthy

Drug-resistant superbugs could be thriving in petting zoo environments – described as a potential “breeding ground” – where more than ten percent of animals carry at least one bacterial strain that is capable of being unaffected by antibiotics, according to a recent report on the Independent website.

The article by Health Correspondent Alex Matthews-King, states that resistance to antibiotics has been dubbed a “Global health emergency” and refers to recent research by Ariel University which had tested animals at eight randomly selected petting zoos, concluding that “they were ‘reservoirs’ for microbes that could easily spread from children to vulnerable relatives.”

Why hand washing at the point of need is vital

The report quotes Professor Shiri Navon-Venezia, who recently presented the research to the European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Disease in Amsterdam. He acknowledged the “high educational and emotional value” of petting zoo visits for children, but warned the management teams of such facilities that they should take all possible steps to reduce infection transmission between the animals and zoo visitors.

“Other measures include prohibiting food and drink being consumed near the animals and regular hand-washing stations.”

Petting zoos a breeding ground for drug-resistant superbugs, study finds »


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Importance of children washing hands after handling chicks

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