Why children should be taught to wash with soap and water – not antibacterials

Why children should be taught to wash with soap and water – not antibacterials

Why plain soap is best for hand washing

A recent article on the AAP News website has highlighted the importance of teaching children to wash their hands effectively and its conclusions may surprise a few.

Many preschool and nursery facilities feel that they should be stocking up on germ-killing “antibacterial” soap says the reports author Trisha Korioth. She counters that possible approach with a reference to the American Academy of Pediatrics, which advises that “plain old soap and water” is not only as good, but its use provides other very significant benefits over the gels.

The antibacterials clearly kill more germs than soap – but that includes good as well as bad bacteria.

“The bad bacteria that survive get stronger and become harder to kill. This is why experts say antibacterial soap is not better than plain soap.”

“Plain soap and water make bubbles and slippery skin, so the germs and dirt can slide off hands and down the drain.”

Harmful ingredients removed – others still under scrutiny

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently outlawed 19 antibacterial ingredients from hand washing products, says the report.

Ingredients currently in use “are still being studied” writes Korioth.

The article also includes useful hand washing tips and techniques that can be taught to younger children.

Keep kids’ hands clean with soap and water, not antibacterial products »

Teach hand washing to children – with a portable unit that can go anywhere they do!

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