Infection prevention experts teach schoolchildren the importance of handwashing

Infection prevention experts teach schoolchildren the importance of handwashing

It’s the most important lesson kids can learn!

A group of children and young people with a wide age range and a number of complex physical, learning and sensory disabilities were recently taught effective hand washing skills by an infection prevention team from Nuffield Health Newcastle Hospital in a “bug battling workshop”, according to a recent report on the Bdaily website.

Youngsters from four to eighteen years at Cleaswell Hill School learned about how essential hand hygiene is in helping to combat the spread of illness. This is a vital part of their education, according to deputy head teacher Karyn McMahon.

“As a special educational needs school, we have children on site with a wide range of complex health conditions for whom a simple cold can have a huge impact. Maintaining high standards of hygiene therefore is of the utmost importance.”

An infection prevention nurse at Nuffield Health Newcastle Hospital is also quoted in the report. Chris Finch emphasised that correct hand washing techniques are vital.

“Teaching young people the correct way to wash their hands and embedding the reasons why this is so important is something that they will remember forever. Establishing these good hygiene practices from an early age can go a long way to preventing the spread of germs, especially when children are of school-age.”

How the children were taught

The infection control team encouraged the youngsters to cover their hands in a gel which glows when viewed under an ultraviolet light. After having washed their hands, they were able to see the areas they had missed.

Nuffield Health’s infection prevention workshops are reportedly available to schools across the North East by special request.

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