Handwashing teaching can be more effective with a song!

Handwashing teaching can be more effective with a song!

Frère Jacques initiative enables engaging lessons for children

It can be argued, with considerable justification, that teaching youngsters to wash their hands properly can be the most important lesson they will ever learn. Which is why looking at ways of engaging effectively with children is so important. A new Canadian initiative seems to be hitting all the right notes, according to a recent report on the Daily Mail website.

Teaching through song works better than from written instructions writes Sam Blanchard, who reported on the work undertaken by Dr Nisha Thampi and Dr Yves Longtin from the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario and Jewish General Hospital in Montreal.

The Doctors are quoted as saying

“Using songs, in particular musical mnemonics based on popular nursery rhymes, may help children learn the process of hand hygiene techniques by making it more fun, thereby increasing attention and the development of memory and motor coordination.”

Singalong handwashing

For their work, they enlisted the help of 8 year old Lekha Villeneuve and between them wrote the words for a new handwashing song, based on the traditional tune of Frère Jacques.

“Scrub your palms, Between the fingers, Wash the back, Wash the back.
Twirl the tips around, Scrub them upside down, Thumb attack, Thumb attack.”

The Daily Mail article also contains handwashing techniques diagrams as provided by the World Health Organization in their how-to Clean hands protect against infection.

Teaching children how to wash their hands to the tune of nursery rhyme Frère Jacques ‘can curb the spread of flu and colds’ »


The perfect way to teach children effective hand washing techniques

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Hand washing – the most important lesson a child can learn!

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