Schools must guarantee proper hand-washing facilities

Schools must guarantee proper hand-washing facilities

Proper hand hygiene facilities must be in place for returning children

Schools around the world are now beginning to open or are in the early stages of planning for it. In the UK, thoughts are now turning to how this can be achieved safely with the spectre of COVID-19 hanging over everything.

It is no exaggeration to state that effective and regular hand washing is the most important thing that everyone should be focussing on right now. Children should already have been taught how and when to wash – but it’s a topic that must be constantly reinforced.

Proper hand washing is the most important lesson a child can learn

Hand washing facilities where they’re actually needed

With schools being made ready to open, concerns are being expressed that hand washing facilities in many school are both inadequate and infrequent, according to a recent report on the Hereford Times website, which states that sending children back to school should only take place when this problem has been addressed.

“This cannot be safe unless schools can guarantee proper hand-washing facilities with hot water, soap and clean towels.”

The article’s author Liz Overstall points out that Herefordshire Council has highly trained Environment Officers who are perfectly qualified to inspect educational facilities with regard to “cleanliness issues”.

And when schools are given the green light, it will be necessary to oversee that hand washing takes place as and when it should says the report.

“To protect teachers, hand-washing needs to be supervised and all institutions should be instructed to clean the toilets more frequently.”

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Teach children effective hand washing techniques with portable sinks that can go anywhere – indoors or out

The ultra portable Kiddiwash Xtra provides the quick and easy way for setting up hand washing facilities for young children, wherever they’re needed. They need no plumbing or electricity.

Just put it on any flat surface and fill with warm water. Perfect for teaching good hand washing techniques to youngsters!

Children learning to wash hands with portable sinks

Children learn to wash their hands properly with KiddiWash portable sinks

The essential ten hand washing steps

Hand washing with soap and water is an essential lifelong skill. Here, children in your care can learn the ten simple steps that show how to wash hands effectively.