Preschool and nursery: ‘Clean your hands more thoroughly than usual’

Preschool and nursery: ‘Clean your hands more thoroughly than usual’

Changes that will have been implemented by September when kids return

Many children have been attending preschool all the way through lockdown, but the majority who have not may well find preschool a little different when they return in September, according to a recent report on the Falmouth Packet website.

Early in July, the Government set out its “System of Controls”, consisting of nine measures that all such educational establishments should take into account, says the article.

These include keeping individuals apart from those (or their relatives) who may be displaying symptoms, keeping up with good respiratory hygiene (reference “catch it, bin it, kill it”), and ensuring that cleaning and sanitising programmes are sharpened up as much as possible.

Hand washing is key

In amongst all the visible changes such as new desks layouts, one-way systems, social distancing and screening cameras, there will be one very significant focus – on hand washing.

“… the government’s System of Controls reminds staff and children to: ‘Clean your hands more thoroughly than usual’.”

Expect to see a large increase in the number of hand washing stations, says the report. Effective hand washing has been singled out globally as the most important safeguarding activity that can be carried out by anyone.

Which is why it’s vital that youngsters are taught how to wash their hands properly – an activity that has previously described as “the most important lesson a child can learn”.

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How to teach children effective hand washing techniques

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