Why it’s essential that kids are taught to wash their hands properly

Why it’s essential that kids are taught to wash their hands properly

Children need help with infection control measures

Promoting handwashing to children is more important than ever as schools reopen after the latest pandemic wave. This in turn throws up a real issue, as “children cannot always be relied upon to observe infection control measures” according to a recent report on the Health Europa website.

Hand washing is “an integral facet” of infection prevention and control says the report, but it must be carried out effectively. Hygiene messaging essentially needs to be powerful and bear fruit – and when this occurs it “can have a demonstrable benefit on the frequency and assiduity with which audiences wash their hands.”

The article centres around advice given by Dr Sophie Rutter of the University of Sheffield, who states that youngsters are “just as likely as adults to catch COVID-19” as adults, although symptoms are often much less severe. As they continue the process of returning to school, all possible measures need to be taken in order to prevent the virus spread to friends and family.

Teaching handwashing to children

There are two benefits in teaching kids to wash their hands effectively says Dr. Rutter.

  1. “Handwashing is habitual” and good habits ingrained now will last them a lifetime.
  2. Children often become hand washing ambassadors, reminding their contemporaries and adults of the need for it and how to undertake it properly.

“In the longer term, it is crucial to remind children and adults of the need to continue with good hand hygiene practices.”

Hand washing guidance

The article points out a number of worldwide sources for hand washing guidance, including:-

Hand hygiene messaging for infection control »

Handwashing teaching can be more effective with a songChildren being taught to wash their hands with a Teal portable sink

Teach children effective hand washing techniques with portable sinks that can go anywhere – indoors or out

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