Childrens’ hand washing must be supervised says Access to Farms

Childrens’ hand washing must be supervised says Access to Farms

Guidance for farms and visitor attractions as they plan for safe events

Access To Farms (ATF) “brings together agricultural organisations that support farmers” helping to provide visiting opportunities for school parties and other groups.

CEVAS is an accredited training programme “for anyone wanting to provide education or therapeutic (care farming) experiences on a farm or countryside location.”

Hand washing is essential during farm visits

ATF’s Latest Code Of Practice provides guidance for owners as well as operators and managers of such visitors premises. Its function is to demonstrate “practical measures” that will help venues to comply with the law and help ensure the safety of their visitors. It’s just as relevant for a farm that opens its gates just once a year as it is for large scale visitor attractions.

Access To Farms has published a guidance document called Advice to teachers and others who organise visits for children.

The activity that helps ensure visitor safety perhaps above all others when it comes to being near farm and other animals, is hand washing.

It is most important that young children wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water at key times, it advises – and supervision of the washing process is essential.

“In particular, they must understand the need to make sure that the children wash, or are helped to wash, their hands thoroughly in the following four situations: after contacting animals, before eating, before and after using play equipment, and when leaving site.”

It is very important to explain why children should wash their hands – and supervisors and teachers must “Demonstrate how to wash their hands properly”.

Plenty of time for hand hygiene must be allowed before eating says the guidance – it mustn’t be carried out in a rush. And washing after cleaning and or changing their footwear is also very important.

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